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Durette 1 month ago
Best argument I've seen for human cloning.
Bunbuns 1 month ago
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douchbag 1 month ago
Just love her
Stonefire 1 month ago
He is exactly my type rugged burly gruff biker leather wearer stud too bad he's stright he coukd tear up my asshole any day!
Umginn 1 month ago
This video had to go straight into my favourite list, let me explain why.I am 44 years old and longed to experience yet another spontaneous / premature ejaculation. I have had only 2 spontaneous / premature ejaculations so far in my entire lifetime. While watching this video I had only my 3rd spontaneous / premature ejaculation ever, at the age of 44. I just love this chick, she reminded me a lot of my ex-colleague and that explains just why I had my 3rd spontaneous / premature ejaculation. Really, she reminds me so much of my ex-colleague and that is the reason I even clicked on this video. She had similar facial features, similar height / built, somewhat similar hair style, similar slim / slender figure and off course very similar small breasts and a cute arse too.I loved how they were not just fucking, they were actually making love and that too turned me on. I loved that shot of her arsehole when she was riding him so passionately. Then towards the end, when she is lying on her stomach and he starts pumping her perhaps in the arse, that just did it for me. All through the video, I was imagining the guy to be me and the girl to be my ex-colleague. WOW! I ejaculated spontaneously / prematurely in my underwear just from the visual / mental stimulation. I will never forget this video and this day for the rest of my life.
Tammi 1 month ago
hubby should clean up
Erminia 1 month ago
Thanks for the add Marc.